Deals & Promotions

If you have participated in one or more of our activities within the last 3 months, you can book again at these great discounted prices which match the voucher prices advertised by our booking partners

Glasshouse Mountains abseil

  • For return clients and groups only ; $65.00pp (2 for $125.00)
  • Glasshouse Abseiling is usually $135.00 per person. 
  • Abseil the 50! – $95.00pp to abseil the 50m cliff as many times as you can fit in in a 3 hour session – email for expressions of interest – limited to 12 people.  Only for people who have already abseiled the 50 meter cliff.

Kangaroo Point abseil

  • For return clients and groups only; $49.00pp or (2 for $95.00) 
  • Kangaroo Point Abseiling is usually $99.00 per person.

Rockclimbing in the Glasshouse Mountains

  • For return clients and groups only; $65.00pp (2 for $125.00)
  • Glasshouse Rockclimbing is usually $135.00 per person.

To check out scheduled dates for the next few months : CLICK HERE

Children come for free
  • on a one to one (adult/child) basis….
  • if you have a big family then additional children can come at half the adult price…
  • special applies to children 12 years and under
  • teenagers (under 18 years) qualify for a half price rate at the above prices when accompanied by a Mum and/or Dad
  • this offer may extend to children’s friends (at the half price rate) if we have availability on the session – please call for details
Terms and Conditions 
  • Offers are valid for scheduled activities only
  • Offers are subject to availability
  • Specials are applicable to return clients and to groups including return clients