Adventure Scenario Games

‘the best of adventure team building’

Adventure Scenario Games are designed to provide a group challenge. Scenarios vary dependent upon regional and group parameters, but the concept is always the same – to enhance individual participation within a team context.

Your team, working in small groups, will act together to solve their scenario. You can opt to have your team working independently or in opposition. The scenario is constructed to ensure that each team has only one part of the overall picture. Teams who have spent the program in opposition will need to cooperate with each other to complete the scenario successfully – a great lesson in synergy which has many applications in the ‘real world’, particularly in the Corporate sector.

The primary object of an adventure scenario is to learn about individual and team inter-working. The fun of the game makes it possible.

Adventure scenario games are heaps of fun and can include some very interesting situations which can be linked to a theme that is relevant to your organisations current training needs.

Our staff are experienced outdoor leaders and facilitators. They will be in contact with the players either by direct or indirect supervision as required throughout the game. They adjudicate regarding team issues, ensure that no one gets lost or in any danger whatsoever and lend a hand in clue interpretation, if necessary.

So, what happens ?

You can pit your skills against smugglers, negotiate road blocks and de-code map references to stashed booty. Coordinate with the locals to glean important information and rendezvous with secret agents.

Or charged with retrieval of hidden documents you may need to move through hostile territory to gain important ‘intel’, but don’t get caught!

Achievement of the central scenario goal is the paramount focus of the game although it is the process that you team practices that is the key to successful facilitation.

Players are made aware of their mission and codes of conduct that must be adopted. We adopt a passive code of engagement – so leave your Rambo gear at home and get set for a day (or two) of high adventure – tailored to your groups fitness and adventure preferences.

The games noted below can be played in both the city and in the country, over one or more days, in fact even interstate (after all it’s your budget that’s funding it !). Or how about on a tropical island ?

Seriously; the degree of espionage and adventure can (and will) vary according to the setting and, in the case of Corporate clients, to address your aims and objectives.


Airman Down (ASG001)

A British fighter pilot carrying secret documents has been shot down by enemy fire over a French provincial district. According to his orders, he has stashed the documents before falling into enemy hands. Only Jean-Claude and Fifi – French resistance leaders, are aware of the whereabouts of the documents.

Your mission : To locate and retrieve the hidden documents.

Tasks that lead to clues  Tell you later !

This game can be played by one team, or by two teams masquerading as French resistance and Secret Police. To find the documents you must first locate Jean-Claude and Fifi as they only have the clues as to their whereabouts.


Foreign Correspondent (ASG002)

As part of photojournalist team you have been sent to document the outcome of the local presidential elections. Unfortunately the banditos have staged a coup and you are in danger of capture. As a result of the coup, there is a media blackout and you have no idea of the safest route out of the country. Can you find a way out of this maze ?

Your mission : Get over the border to a safe haven for extraction.

Tasks that lead to clues  Make contact with Carlos. Be clear of the border post before curfew.

Be prepared to meet some interesting characters in this game. But remember, don’t judge people by their looks!


Cops and Convicts (ASG003)

A valuable shipment inbound for exchange into large quantities of travelers cheques has been stolen. The felons have been rounded up and incarcerated in the state penitentiary, but not before they stashed the booty at a remote site. The booty remains hidden to this day despite the huge reward that is offered for its safe return – a reward that is rumored to be worth even more than the cash value of the shipment.

Your mission :  Find the gold.

Tasks that lead to clues If you’re a Convict – escape jail ! If you’re a Cop catch the convicts.

Two teams, Cops and Convicts and a third, if need be – the FEDS competing with each other. Tell me, if you were a Cop would you catch the Convicts quickly or would you stay just one step behind and maybe score the booty for yourself ?


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