Expired Voucher Conditions

Unfortunately, the expiry date for using your voucher has passed.

As I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to get around to these things so rather than just wasting your money, I will allow you to extend your voucher for 3 months from date of expiry.

You can reactivate your voucher for a small fee of $45.00 per person.  At this rate, you are still receiving a 25% discount on the advertised price $135.00 for the Glasshouse Mountains Abseiling or Rockclimbing. And you’re not losing your initial investment.

Conditions of voucher extension are:

  1. You must provide your voucher and security code details
  2. You can pay your reactivation fee on the day
  3. We have set session times; you must attend on a scheduled session.
  4. Sessions are subject to availability and minimum numbers. If we do not meet minimum numbers your booking may be rescheduled.
  5. You can’t ask for another extension.

Scheduled dates can be found at the following link from where you can also make a booking http://martinworth.com/adventurous-activities/scheduled-activity-dates/