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Holographic Kinetics

Healing the past, in the present for the future

Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality Using the Laws of LORE

Do you ever get that feeling that something else is running the show when a certain emotion is triggered?

That sabotaging inner child, that parental figure you were never good enough for…the list goes on.

When we continually react from old patterns, we continue to re-enforce those patterns.

How would it feel if you were no longer triggered by old patterns? How would it feel if you were in control of your life?

Old patterns can be cleared with Holographic Kinetics.


Holographic Kinetics; ‘HK’ is an advanced healing modality that can access the cause of trauma and remove it; freeing you from ongoing stress or suffering. 

HK looks at the body as a whole, accessing cellular memory passed down from past cycles of time (including the genetic hereditary line and past lives) and addresses the cause of events effecting you now.

When events,, thoughts and emotions set up in the past become trapped they will manifest as repeating patterns of behavior or sickness causing us to become stuck in repeating life patterns or chronic disease.

How does it work?

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