All about spirit

Holographic Kinetics understands that all things in nature have a life force—known as a spirit.

When life force has departed, we call it dead, but anything with a life force [spirit] is alive and can be communicated with. Aboriginal and other cultures worldwide have been aware of the significance it has in their lives for thousands of years.

Understanding the spirit is the key.

Your Spirit is the essence of who you are; the real you.  Spirit is the “driver” of your “vehicle” (your body) in this life.  Holographic Kinetics recognises that trauma from past lives can effect you in this lifetime and can be cleared.

Just as the soul (which is different from spirit) can be stuck in programs and beliefs of life experiences, spirit can be stuck in a cycle of trauma from its past.

Holographic Kinetic Therapy Technique is able to access man’s Spirit in order to clear it.

Sessions are available at two locations; Morningside (Brisbane) and at Woodford

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