How does it work?

Free-flowing universal energy, once trapped by trauma will will spiral inwards, becoming transformed into potential energy.  This energy will lock into a stress or weak point of the body in the moment of trauma.

Trapped energy is why some people can become emotionally explosive, as the energy swings from potential energy to explosive energy. Trapped energy can also eventually manifest as confusion, dysfunction, anti-social behavior and all manner of other ills or disorders.

The success of Holographic Kinetics is achieved by clearing this energy that is locked through trauma in past events, thoughts and emotions. Until trauma is cleared, we are continually affected by it.

By accessing the dimension where the energy was first trapped we are able to release it and therefore let go of the issue. This will stop negative patterns from repeating as the cycle has been completed.

All cellular memory can be accessed with Holographic Kinetics no matter how far back in time that dimension was created.  When that dimension has been enfolded upon itself, will it cease to be.


Sessions are available at two locations; Morningside (Brisbane) and at Woodford

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