What to expect?

In a Holographic Kinetics session, we look for the cause of the effect of up to three issues that are bothering.  You will lay, face up on a massage table in a normal waking state while the practitioner asks questions of you Spirit and then takes you to those events that set up the issue for you, to clear them.

As well as behavioral issues Holographic Kinetics can also clear;

  • Addictions
  • Allergies
  • Medical conditions
  • Mental health issues
  • PTSD

In each session we are looking for the cause of about 3 effects and it is advisable to bring to your appointment a list of issues you may want to work on that are affecting you. However, don’t go looking for your issues; remember where the focus goes the energy flows, as there may be suppressed memories or things that come to your awareness to be acknowledged, learned from, healed and let go of.

After the session, it is advisable take it easy, as your body could go through a defragging process over a 48-hour period.

Sessions are available at two locations; Morningside (Brisbane) and at Woodford

contact Martin Worth on 0413 157 358 or email