Who can be helped?

Holographic Kinetic Therapy Technique is able to access man’s Spirit in order to clear it

People suffering from repeating life patterns such as relationship issues, work issues, depression, anger, repeating patterns of illness or pain, substance abuse etc can be cleared using Holographic Kinetics

People wanting to reach their true potential can resolve barriers to their personal growth

People suffering from the following can be cleared;

  • Chronic illness
  • Pain, anguish or trauma
  • Anger, guilt or violence issues
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Emotional or compulsive disorders
  • Depression, fear or shame
  • Mental illness


If you suffer from any of the above or are interested to see what it is that is holding you back from your true potential; call me to organise a session;

Sessions are available at two locations; Morningside (Brisbane) and at Woodford

contact Martin Worth on 0413 157 358 or email