Government and statutory authorities – charges

Trading terms and conditions regarding Government, Statutory Authorities and Agents thereof

initially posted 12th June 2013

Martin Worth hereby makes it publicly known that as a part of a charter to absorb administrative costs incurred by alleged debtors, companies, authorities and agents of authorities’ Government, Statutory or otherwise, that charges will be incurred for correspondence.  This includes but is not limited to Australian Government, State Government or Local Government agencies or their agents

Please note that charges for responses to correspondence – written or otherwise are currently at the rates noted in the schedule of fees reproduced below.

  • Telephone attendance   $550.00 per hour.  Minimum of ½ hour and charged in 15 minute increments
  • Written Correspondence   $550.00 per page or part therefor, standard A4 form
  • Email Correspondence   $550.00 per response, per page or part thereof printed on a standard A4 form, memo style
  • Personal Attendance   $5500.00 per day or part thereof plus travel expenses as may be incurred at my discretion

Invoices will be issued as charges are incurred.  Unpaid invoices will incur interest at a rate of 11% p.a. compounding daily when the account remains unpaid past the date due or where the terms of any agreed payment plan are not met.

Entities that do not agree with these conditions should advise me in writing seeking an exemption, to avoid incurring additional penalties.  Additional fees will not be charged for reasonable enquiry nor will fees be paid out for such enquiries.

Charges incurred without approval for exception will be taken as agreed upon – ignorance of these charges is not a valid reason for seeking exemption.

Exception is granted solely at the discretion of Martin Worth.