Apply First Aid

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Anyone can be confronted with a medical emergency at any time; it is not predictable and may involve a friend or family member. This course has been developed by to provide you with the skills and knowledge to respond safely and effectively manage any medical emergency until handover to medical professionals.

The course format is based on the latest Health Services Training Package (HLT07) and was designed by Asset Training Australia using recommendations from Professional Industry Associations including the Australian Resuscitation Council, Diabetes Australia (Queensland) and Anaphylaxis Australia.

HLTAID003 Apply First Aid incorporates Perform CPR

Apply First Aid is completed only in one day (7 to 8 hours contract time).  Training is mainly comprised of practical skills to prepare you to respond effectively to a First Aid incident.

All of our classes also include EPI PEN training and Defibrillator training at NO extra charge.  If you only require Perform CPR you may attend the morning session of any first aid class.

There are no prerequisites for First Aid or CPR training.

First Aid training is available from as little as $95.00 per person (groups) or $140.00pp (individual).

Course Dates

Group bookings can be scheduled as required.  For your convenience, if you have a group booking, our trainers will travel to your workplace.

We hold regular First Aid / CPR courses regularly

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