Land Search & Rescue Operator

(a required core unit in the Certificate IV in outdoor recreation)

Because we believerar march06 009 Search & Rescue is a fundamental requirement for Wilderness First Response we have included Land Search Operator into the Wilderness First Responder course to offer a course that is beyond the scope offered by other providers, and unique within Australia.


 “The essence of Wilderness First Aid may rest not necessarily in the treatment of the casualty but in the necessity to first locate them”. 


In remote or wilderness circumstances, should an accident occur, you may be required to coordinate a search to locate the casualty.  Once you have located the casualty you are required to exercise sound judgement to manage your crew and to decide whether to sit tight or to evacuate.

You may also be required to manage your group on-site for a protracted period of time and maintain the morale of the group .

This module of the course will teach you the knowledge that you require to make the best decision, and the skills to effectively find and rescue a casualty.

This unit includes night operations training.  You will learn the skills for Land Search as you conduct scenarios in the field to locate a casualty and manage an emergency situation

Subjects covered include

  • Land Search Patterns
  • Factors for appreciation for a Land Search
  • The evacuation decision
  • Command post communications and search party coordination

Units covered

  • SISOOPS407A Apply search and rescue skills
  • PUAOPE002B Operate communications systems and equipment


Costs and durations:

Land Search Operator is integrated with Wilderness First Responder.  Should you wish to enquire about Land Search Operator as a standalone course, please send us an email


  • The course is practically based on Casualty Simulation and Assessment in the field 
  • Course pre-work is required to enable us to cover all of the outcomes in this time frame.


* Accreditation and Qualification issue:

All of the courses that we run are to the National Standard for Outdoor Recreation, Training and Assessment is delivered in partnership with Asset Training Australia RTO # 31718. This means that we are audited by the Federal Government to ensure that our courses are delivered to the standard required under the National Training Framework; we don’t take shortcuts and you are guaranteed of high quality training that is current and to best practice.  This is your guarantee of top quality training in current industry standards and procedures.  Wilderness First Aid is a recognised skills set in the SIS10 training package and as such meets the requirements for industry accreditation.


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