Remote First Aid

Remote Area First Aid is concerned with casualty management for a protracted period of 100-0065_IMGtime in ‘remote’ situations where:

  1. arrival of definitive medical assistance will be greater than 30 minutes but typically less than 24 hours*
  2. complications and casualty management are life dependent issues
  3. reporting and monitoring is a critical aspect.

Operations of any kind in an area isolated by:

  • Distance
  • Transport
  • Communication or
  • Access due to its geological features

are defined as REMOTE and require an increased level of RISK MANAGEMENT, planning and emergency protocols.

* If medical assistance is not expected for greater than 24 hours, then the area is deemed ‘wilderness’ .

 This module will teach you the knowledge that you require to make the best decision, and the skills to effectively manage a casualty in a remote area.  It covers all required First Aid skills for outdoor leaders.  The module is taught in context of outdoor activities and includes Casualty Simulation and Assessment in the field. 

Subjects covered include

Units covered

  • SISOOPS305A Provide first aid in a remote location
  • SISXEMR201A Respond to emergency situations


Costs and durations:

Remote First Aid is a two day module incorporated within the Wilderness First Responder Course.  Should you wish to enquire about Remote First Aid as a standalone course, please send us an email



A current First Aid certificate (with current CPR) is required as a prerequisite to enrolment in Remote First Aid.  First Aid course prior the course to allow you to gain or refresh your First Aid or CPR certification.  Please ask us about First Aid courses if required

  • The course is practically based on Casualty Simulation and Assessment in the field 
  • Course pre-work is required to enable us to cover all of the outcomes in this time frame.


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