Wilderness First Response

This second module of the Wilderness First Responder course will qualify you as a 010Wilderness First Aider incorporating all elements of the Nationally Approved Skills set: SISSS00108 – Wilderness First Aid as required for Outdoor Leader accreditation.

This unit is delivered after training in Remote First Aid building skills that enable you to manage a casualty and a group in a remote or wilderness area and to manage an emergency situation for a protracted period of time. 

The course is taught in context of outdoor activities and includes Casualty Simulation and Assessment in the field. 

Subjects build on Remote First Aid topics to include

  • Emergency Management of the group and casualty
  • Emergency Response Principles to ensure prompt and accurate management of the situation
  • Critical Incident debriefing (including dealing with media and staff after incident management)
  • Evacuation and emergency response coordination

Units covered

  • SISXEMR402A Coordinate emergency responses
  • SISXOHS101A Follow occupational health and safety policies
Costs and duration:

Wilderness First Response is a three day module incorporated within the Wilderness First Responder Course.


  • Apply First Aid is prerequisite to this module
  • This course includes Remote First Aid
  • The course is practically based on Casualty Simulation and Assessment in the field 
  • Course pre-work is required to enable us to cover all of the outcomes in this time frame.

 * Accreditation and Qualification issue:

All of the courses that we run are to the National Standard for Outdoor Recreation, Training and Assessment is delivered in partnership with Asset Training Australia RTO # 31718This means that we are audited by the Federal Government to ensure that our courses are delivered to the standard required under the National Training Framework; we don’t take shortcuts and you are guaranteed of high quality training that is current and to best practice.  This is your guarantee of top quality training in current industry standards and procedures.  Wilderness First Aid is a recognised skills set in the SIS10 training package and as such meets the requirements for industry accreditation.


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