Come Abseiling

Abseiling is FUN, EASY and RELAXING but we agree it’s not a natural thing to do so our instructors are skilled in helping you to become relaxed and familiar with the equipment, safety requirements and safe abseiling techniques. Each session follows our proven outline of

  • safety brief031
  • equipment familiarity
  • demonstration of techniques (by the instructor)
  • practice abseils
  • belay training (on some activities)

Abseiling is literally safer than crossing the road. To ensure your safety, we adhere to high safety standards. Also, everyone is ‘belayed’ (a way of preventing you from falling to the ground) on every abseil.

All our abseiling sessions at run in the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains.

You don’t need any previous experience for either trip and our friendly instructors will keep you perfectly safe and give you their personal attention as you learn the ropes.

Check our scheduled dates page for dates for your adventure

 Abseiler skills training030

Perhaps you’d like to learn some abseiling skills yourself.  I have a range of courses available. You can me (0413 157 358) or email me for full details.