Come Bushwalking

There’s nothing quite like getting out into the Wilderness with a local guide who will knows the terrain and will enhance your adventure with their experience.

I’ve been out and about bushwalking in the Lamington Area since 1974 when I first climbed Lost World.  Due to its proximity to Brisbane and the rich rainforest wilderness, Lamington is my favorite place to walk.  You can spend a day or a whole week in Lamington and, on some of the remote trips; you won’t see anyone else at all. 

Walk grading system

All of the walks that I conduct are scheduled to allow enough time for a moderately fit person to complete the distance with little difficulty.  However, overnight walks require you to carry your food and camping equipment and this may present difficulties for people who are not used to backpacking.  I suggest that you try out a couple of day trips of up to 10 to 15 Kilometers distance and then try an overnight trip. 

Some walks to choose from!

The Stinson – premier walking in South East Queensland

Mt. Barney – views and more views!