Stinson Day Walk notes

Westeay's grave

Westray’s grave

The Stinson lies in the Southern Wilderness section of Lamington National Park.  Although the distance is only 8 kilometers return it will take us approximately 8 hours to complete the trip.  We will be following trails which are rough underfoot, indistinct, overgrown, steep and at times quite challenging.  Notwithstanding this, we will only travel as fast as the slowest person in the group thus allowing everyone to enjoy the day. 

We follow picturesque Christmas creek past numerous waterfalls to the site of Westray’s Grave where we will stop for a light snack.  We then head up to the top of the plateau to the site of the Stinson Crash Site.  We will be walking through palm forests, rain forests and stands of box gums as ancient as the forest itself.

Food & Water

I recommend that you take food that can be snacked on as we walk; thus allowing your body a constant flow of energy and nutrients.  Although there will be an opportunity to sit at the Stinson for a while and eat there, I do not advocate eating a large ‘lunch’ that will take time to digest.  Muesli bars, nuts, seeds, protein bars etc, are all good trail food that I endorse as your best source of nutrition on the walk.

chrsitmas creek waterfall - spot Westray

Can you spot Westray in the waterfall?

One of our main concerns for our clients is that you drink enough water on the day. Once we leave the creek for the walk up hill, there are no more water points until we return.  You should have the capability to carry at least 2 liters of water and, on hot days maybe even 3.  Make sure you drink plenty on the way along the creek so that you hydrate on the way in and don’t forget to fill your water bottle when you leave the creek.  It is good practice to drink heaps of water and avoid alcohol and other diuretics on the evening prior to the walk so that your body is hydrated from the start.


The trail is rough in patches, so it is important that you wear appropriate footwear.  If you are worried about your fitness level then just give me a call to discuss.

Please ensure that you have everything listed on the gear list (see – confirming your booking) which should be carried in a small back pack to leave your hands free as you walk.


To ensure we don’t have to rush and that we are back before dark, we will need to be on the trail no later than 8.00am.  Should there be any delays along the way we will probably not reach the cars before dark.  Whilst this is not a problem, you should bring a torch just in case this happens.

I advise that you don’t make any arrangements for the night of the trip; it is not unusual for us to get back to Brisbane after 7pm.  It is a 2 to 2½ hour drive back and even in we run to timings (ie back at the cars by 4pm); you will not get home much before 6.

This is a great walk and by far the easiest way to visit the famous Stinson Crash Site.

Accommodation near the trail head

If you’d like to chill out after the walk or make a weekend of this adventure check out the accommodation at:

Cave Rock Cottages –

Christmas Creek Recreation Centre –

Confirming your booking

Unless you have already done so, please go to the following link to complete your booking; Confirming your booking.


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