Booking with a voucher

Please complete the following form to register your booking preference from the dates scheduled.

Please note:  This is not an automated system.  Your booking must be checked manually for availability.

As we are often out running activities and away from the office we will respond to your booking request as soon as we are able.  Sometimes it takes a few days, particularly over the weekend.

booking an activity with a voucher

use this form to register your booking preference on a scheduled activity date. Your booking will be manually processed at our office
  • provide a number that we can use to contact you if the activity has to be rescheduled
  • if your voucher has passed its expiry date your booking will not be accepted.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 4.

You will receive a booking confirmation email once we have processed your booking. I will also respond to your booking email.

The booking confirmation email has full instructions about the activity.

Please let me know if you do not get it as they sometimes go to the junk folder.

You can find our full booking conditions at the following link; Booking Conditions March 13 V4.0