Corporate Program Selections

Please, look through the following programs , any of which can be customised to your requirements.

Brisbane Adventures

We offer abseiling, rockclimbing, canoeing, orienteering and team initiative games as activities to get people outdoors having fun and to facilitate corporate objectives and team building.

We can develop a combination of adventures on a ’round robin’ basis. By scheduling two or more 90 minute activity slots, attendees can nominate the activities that they want to do (or do the same one more than once) and, even with a break for refreshments, we only need take up a half day of your time.

Brisbane adventure days, in all of their various combinations, are a great stand alone activity or a supplement to an conference or corporate event.

Adventure scenario games

Adventure scenario games are the most amazing fun that you can have on a corporate program AND we can build your corportate objectives into the game. You can have a look at our selection of suggested games or, click here to email us about an adventure scenario game that you may have in mind.

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24 hours on the mountain

This is a leadership retreat that is designed for middle and upper level managers who wish to explore the dynamics of management and formulate plans to eradicate barriers to action in implementing processes in the work place.

The program will focus on your company’s objectives and will include scheduled time for discussions that are specific to your agenda.

24 hours on the mountain is a powerful program that will FOCUS your managers on the task at hand and form them into a cohesive team for the implementation of strategies in the workplace. The program commences ‘on site’ at Lunch time (day one) and concludes after lunch on day two.

Getting Unstuck

This program relates to your team at a personalised level and is ideal if you require individuals to look closely at their participation in the team with a view to improvement. Getting Unstuck is specifically about erasing old habits and stubborn attitudes that hold us back from our full performance.

This program commences at 6pm on day one and runs through the whole next day to conclude at Lunch the day after that (ie 36 hours).

Motivational speaking

Motivational speaking can be ‘just the thing’ to spark up your team. It can be added to your program as a stand alone presentation or integrated into your package. It is most effective, if you commence your program with a motivational talk and then proceed with the program using our facilitators to expand on the material presented. This is the best way to allow your team to assimilate the concepts and apply them in the workplace.

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