Frequently Asked Questions

How will the program relate back to my workplace ?

To achieve effective results in team development we :

  • build your required objectives into the program design
  • select activities that will best serve as the catalyst to achieve the results that you require and
  • link the program experience back to your workplace through effective de-briefing

The essence of an effective program is that it relates to the workplace. Often, programs provide a challenging and exciting experience but, in the long-term, often make little difference once the participants return to work.

This is acceptable if the objective of your program is for the sole reason of getting out and having fun together, otherwise it is essential that your objectives are built into the program and that the activities draw out salient learning points for your staff.

WorthWild corporate training programs are designed to ensure that participants take away with them both knowledge and experience. So that they may understand each other better, learn to work together more effectively and understand your corporate objectives more clearly.

At the end of any WorthWild program you will have gained a powerful frame of reference that can be used as an effective management tool and will remain useful long after our program is completed.

How long do I need to spend on a program ?

One day is the minimum that will allow specific outcomes to be addressed during the program. But if time is of the essence and you do have specific outcomes, a half day program can be combined with a de-brief conducted back at your offices soon after the activity to ensure that the program is effectively linked to your objectives. This can be integrated with existing staff or management meetings. A half day program is very effective in bringing the team together and smoothing out a few wrinkles. Half day sessions are also great for spicing up a conference or to give your team a great reward for a job well done.

What activities can we include ?

The basis of an effective team building program is in the integration of challenging and interesting activities that are related back to the workplace by effective facilitation. When this occurs, participants are drawn together as they solve problems and face challenges within a team environment. The tactics used, when related to the workplace environment, provide powerful references for your team’s performance.

At WorthWild, we use a wide range of activities and team initiatives selected to suit your program goals.

We draw from abseiling, rockclimbing, ropes courses, rogaining, team initiatives and motivational speaking to provide the best mix of activity to suit your program objectives.

Please note : You do not need to include ‘risky’ activities into your program. But, please consider that adventure activities are a most effective catalyst in bringing people together. You can rest assured that our instructors will not allow anyone to be exposed to real danger.

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