Why team building ?

The essence of effective team building is to allow people to move beyond the barriers that they hold to, to cope with day to day challenges. By getting in touch with the reality behind the personalities in your team you can more effectively inter-work and move forward towards your corporate goals.

There is no faster way to locate the real person behind the work-face than by taking them into an unfamiliar environment or engage in an unfamiliar task in which the learned responses don’t apply. For this reason it is best to take your team out of the office environment (including conference rooms etc) and allow them to interact in an environment that is both pleasant and unfamiliar – the great outdoors.  

Activities involving a high degree of perceived risk are extremely effective in team building. ‘Perceived risk’ is about your perception of a situation. People can feel unsafe for many reasons – a threat to personal safety being the most obvious. But, speaking in front of a group, fear of failure or rejection etc can be just as real in stopping effective performance in the workplace, as a fear of personal risk can stop someone from stepping onto a ropes course. It is our mandate as team facilitators to take your team through seemingly risky situations and show then that they can achieve results despite their personal perception of risk.  

“Perception is reality !” If it looks risky or feels risky it MUST be risky. Despite the fact the we go to great lengths to keep you and your team from any real harm it doesn’t always feel that way. Of course you could fall over walking across the car park, but of course that didn’t seem too risky – did it?

Adventure activities have an immediate effect on people – they feel challenged and often in fear of their personal safety. But once past the challenge are more open to facing the more psychological barriers to performance.

The choice is yours. Your program does not need to involve a high degree of adventurous activities (we also provide Motivational Speaking and Indoor team facilitation) , but there are some things that your program should include –

  • Personal challenge
  • Communication
  • A touch of wilderness
  • Self expression
  • Team dynamics

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