Course Structure

Outdoor leader training is available in  3 modules completion of which will qualify you at Certificate IV.

The course is structured so that you may exit at the end of each module with a valid qualification should you wish to complete your studies at that point:

  • Module one: completes your assistant Leader training
    • you can exit the course at this point with a Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
  • Module two: completes activity guide training
    • you can exit the course at this point with a Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation
  • Module three: completes your Certificate IV training
  • Module four: persons who are wanting to study a Diploma level qualification may do so on completion of a Certificate IV.

There are three enrolment options

  • enrol in the course one module at a time (see below) or
  • enrol in the specific skills sets that you are requiring qualification in or
  • make an RPL application – if you already have some experience in the Outdoor Recreation sector (RPL means recognition of prior learning)


Module One:

You commence by studying the activity basics and completing an ‘assistant’ leader qualification. The cost for the first level of training is $1250.00 (price based on Abseiling and Rockclimbing skills set). It takes from one month to 3 months (part-time) to complete depending upon your availability to attend on-the-job training with real clients and the speed at which you complete your self-paced study.

Completion of module One will gain you a Certificate II qualification.

If you have prior experience, then it is during this phase of training that we will be able to grade your experience and award training credits towards your second module of the course.  See Recognition of prior learning.


Module Two:

In the second module, you will study as an Activity Leader (Guide). The cost for this level is $1950.00 dependent on the activities that you choose (Price based on Abseiling/Rockclimbing Guide). This phases usually takes 4 to 6 months to complete (part time).

Wilderness First Aid

We believe that Wilderness First Aid and Search and Rescue is an integral to activity management. Many outdoor centers require their staff to hold this qualification. We have built Wilderness First Aid into the Certificate III course structure.  Wilderness First Aid is also available as a stand alone course.  The Wilderness First Aid module cost is $695.00 for enrolled students at Certificate III.

Completion of modules One, Two & the Wilderness First Aid module will gain you a full Certificate III qualification.

Note: persons not wishing to complete the Wilderness First Aid course may opt for alternate elective units

Module Three:

Having completed your activity guide qualification you may wish to complete further training at Certificate IV level. The cost for this level of training is $1500.00 based on our standard course structure. Completion of modules One, Two & Three will gain you a Certificate IV qualification.


Please note; A current First Aid certificate is required to be obtained prior to issue of Certification.  As most people already hold a First Aid Certificate, this cost of such is not included in the above price.  We can arrange a First Aid certificate or CPR refresher for you at a competitive price should you need one.

An exact costing can only be provided once I am aware of the activity units that you wish to study and, if you have an current skills. Funding may be available through various sources depending on your circumstances.

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