Delivery Strategy

Outdoor leader training is delivered by both practical and self-paced study. The practical component is held around Brisbane.

At WorthWild we believe that there is no better way to learn than by doing.  And no better place to learn to guide activities than with an adventure guiding company.  Consider these aspects of our training philosophy:

  1. Our training strategy is hands on; that’s why our students graduate fully capable and easily gain employment!
  2. Our course numbers are kept intentionally low to ensure you the best instruction and the best opportunity to learn.
  3. Our self-paced learning environment allows you to complete your full qualification in a time-frame that suits your needs.
  4. Practical training is delivered ‘face to face’ at a pace that allows you to become familiar with activity and rescue techniques.
  5. We don’t rush you through.  If you need more assistance in mastering a skill, we will help you. We provide coaching and tutorial assistance to all our students.
  6. We provide Recognition of Prior learning for all our students; each student is treated individually.  A personal training plan is developed to suit your schedule and budget.
  7. We automatically include Wilderness First Aid as a part of our Outdoor Guide training program.
  8. The course is structured in modules to allow you to track you progress and, if your circumstances change, you can exit with the requisite Qualification at the level that you have studied.


Attendance at activity training, particularly rescue training is required in all three enrolment options.  Once we have worked with you in the field, we will have a strong sense of your abilities and currency of your experience.  So, if you are RPLing the course, it is at this stage that your RPL assessment plan can be formulated and a clear pathway can be established for you to complete your course at a reduced cost.

Our approach to training focuses on your ability to guide groups in your chosen activities.  Our business is an adventure guiding company and as our student you will accompany our instructors as they conduct sessions for real clients.  Thus you gain invaluable experience in working with various groups and see first-hand how activities are planned, delivered and facilitated.  You will benefit greatly by seeing how the principles of outdoor leadership are applied in the real world in a real business.

There is no better way to learn than by doing.  And no better place to learn to guide activities than with an adventure guiding company.

Most of the core training is delivered by self-paced study.  Thus you can control the rate at which you complete the ‘theory’ components of the course.  Tutorial advice is available by telephone or email; if you need help with any of your assignments all you need to do is ask.  In the 2nd and 3rd modules of the full course there is face to face training and delivery of the theory side of the course; this is to make sure that you have a firm understanding of the modules before you go home to complete your assignments.  If you are RPLing the course, it is understood that you have the skills and knowledge to complete the assessments in your own time and thus are only being charged a small fee for assessment of your competed work.


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