Charges for Personal Correspondence or Appearance

This statement relates to charges, terms and conditions resulting from correspondence and personal appearances by myself, Martin Worth

initially posted 12th June 2013

Martin Worth hereby makes it publicly known that charges will be incurred for correspondence or personal attendance as a result of dealings with Companies, Persons, Government, Statutory Authorities and/or agents thereof. Whether initiated by design, default or mistake of such parties wherein such are deemed by myself to be the result of blatant or deliberate incompetence, belligerence or tardiness or simply bureaucratic process. This includes responses to alleged fines, infringements, bills, invoices, letters of demand etc

as follows;

* Telephone attendance $250.00 per hour. Minimum of ½ hour and charged in 15 minute increments

* Written Correspondence $550.00 per page or part therefor, standard A4 format

* Email Correspondence $250.00 per response, (printed response as above per page or part thereof printed on a standard A4 form, memo style

* Reading incoming correspondence $250.00 per hour. Minimum of ½ hour and charged in 15 minute increments

* Personal Attendance $550.00 per hour or part thereof calculated from residence (return) plus travel expenses as may be incurred at my discretion


Invoices will be issued as charges are incurred. Unpaid invoices will incur interest at a rate of 11% p.a. compounding daily when the account remains unpaid past the date due.

Additional fees will not be charged for reasonable or just enquiry unless such are deemed a nuisance or inconvenience, at my discretion.

Charges incurred without request or approval for exemption will be taken as agreed upon – ignorance of these charges is not a valid reason for seeking exemption.

Exception or application of these charges solely at the discretion of Martin Worth.

Declaration of Sovereignty

Herein, I rescind and break, on all levels and all dimensions for past, present and future cycles of time, all contracts whether implied or actual with any and all entities, inter-dimensional, draconian, reptilian, alien or other, whether religious, governmental or other; made whether by default, affirmation or affiliation.

I rescind the right of any person, representative or entity to interfere or impede my free right of passage and right to peaceful enjoyment of this earth; my birthright.

I affirm my rights as a free man to travel this land, settle, traverse or squat. I agree to do so with respect of the privacy and safety of those others who may cross my path provided that those others do not attempt to invade or entrap or impede my freedom on any level or dimension. Should they do so, they will be removed.

So be it!